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Logging In Using IMAP on a Computer.

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Logging In Using IMAP on a Computer

To access your email account using IMAP on a computer, follow these steps:

  1. Open Your Email Client: Launch your preferred email client software on your computer. This could be Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or any other email application you use.

  2. Add an Account:

    • Find the option to add a new account. Look for "Add Account," "New Account," or similar, usually in the account settings or preferences section.

  3. Enter Your Information:

    • Provide the following details in the respective fields:

      • Your Name: Your name as you want it to appear in outgoing emails.

      • Email Address: Enter your full email address (e.g.,

      • Password: The password associated with your email account.

  4. Configure Server Settings:

    • Choose the account type as "IMAP" (not POP3).

    • Incoming Mail Server (IMAP): Enter ""

    • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): Enter ""

    • Port Numbers: For IMAP, use 993; for SMTP, use 587.

    • Encryption Method: Choose "STARTTLS" or "TLS" for security.

  5. Authentication:

    • Ensure your email client is set to use "Password" or "Normal Password" for authentication.

  6. Test and Complete:

    • Some email clients allow you to test the configuration. If prompted, click "Test" or "Verify." The client will attempt to connect to the server and verify your settings.

  7. Finalize Setup:

    • If the test is successful, you'll receive a confirmation message. Complete the account setup.

    • You might be prompted to choose synchronization options, folder settings, and other preferences.

  8. Access Your Emails:

    • Once setup is complete, your email client will start syncing your mailbox.

    • You'll see your emails, folders, and other mailbox contents available in the client.

Congratulations!🎉 You've successfully logged in using IMAP on your computer. Now you can manage your emails seamlessly on your computer, and changes will be reflected on your other devices using the same IMAP setup.

Remember to keep your password secure and consider enabling two-factor authentication for added security. Follow the prompts to complete the setup.

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